Jeremy S. Miller, M.ed.


Overseeing the development and sustainability of ACCESS. My work focuses on connecting research and practice to obtain our three overarching goals. In my personal time I enjoy being with family and friends.


Cody Donaldson

AmeriCorps Member, Club Leader & Bookmobile Driver

Hi, my name is Cody and I run the outdoors and wrestling clubs at ACCESS as well as the Bookmobile. I enjoy being outside and being active.


Joe McGarvey

AmeriCorps Member, Club Leader & Social Media Manager

As an AmeriCorps Service Member, I Lead clubs and activities that focus on science and technology with a focus on social skill development. I have worked at camp spofford as food service for four years and work to provide a healthy environment for kids and families. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music. The latest albums as well as some of the oldest. I'll listen to just about anything at least once.


Steve Piscitello, b.a.

Project Venture & Social Norms Coordinator

I am the director of the Musical and Theater programs. Musical Theater is an in-school program for students in grades 7 and 8 where students compete to create an original musical performed at the end of each quarter. I also advise Action News, a club that creates the school newspaper along with kid-friendly PSA's. I am a father of two boys and love to laugh in my free time!