Dear Parents and Families,

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! For those of you who do not already know me, I have had the pleasure of working with ACCESS for the past two years as an AmeriCorps VISTA member. I am happy to be continuing my work with ACCESS as acting Site Coordinator. I look forward to connecting with you and your children again, as we work to strengthen and improve the ACCESS program.

It is my belief that ACCESS is a wonderful in-between: not quite as structured as school, but still educational, enriching, and engaging – providing students with non-traditional learning opportunities that are hands-on! We give parents a safe place to send their children fter school, but it’s much more than daycare! We make conscious decisions when choosing our activities, to ensure that they are fun and developmentally appropriate.

Our Elementary program follows a club model – meaning that students are provided the opportunity to select from a variety of activities each day they attend the program. I’ve chosen this because I believe very strongly in the value of choice for young children, and also because it allows them to take an active role in choosing what happens in ACCESS.

Our enrollment is rolling – so please sign up or contact us any time throughout the year! All of the links to the left will provide you with the information you need to enroll your child. And as always, if you have any questions about how our program works, please contact me via the link below, or by phone.

Jeremy Miller,
Program Director