Social Norms Initiatives

Musical Theatre (Grades 7 & 8) – Students learn how to handle real life situations through discussion about teen topics related to drug and alcohol use and its effects on individuals, families and the community as well as other social issues such as healthy living, bullying, and discrimination. Through these conversations participants develop a theatrical performances that promotes positive social messages to promote positive social norms. The director of the performances guides the development of the performance and ensures the connection of the curriculum to common core academic standards as well as to positive youth development.

POW (Positive Outcomes for Winchester) – Students in fifth grade are given a half a day workshop run by Sam Lafortune, who guides students in becoming better consumers. Through media analysis, Mrs. Lafortune along with the help of Mr. Piscitello guide students to realizing the trickery behind certain ads as well as the effectiveness of media messaging overall. As a result of these workshops, students will use media (posters, audio, and video) to create public service announcements regarding positive social norms that inform the community about the healthy behaviors taking place in Winchester. For more about positive social norms, click here:

Action News (Grades 6-8) – Action News is the club responsible for creating the Tiger Times, our school’s newspaper. Students are free to write about any topic that interests them. Along with informative articles regarding their interests and school activities, students are also allowed to publish creative fiction. In between deadlines, students write and video public service announcements regarding issues such as bullying, recycling, anti-smoking, and blood donation. Similar to our POW program, students work to create these videos in the hope of spreading positive social norms within our school.

CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Children’s Health) is an after school program that promotes moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and healthy eating habits.
Early Sprouts is a program that was created by Keene State professors. The intent of the Early Sprouts project is to increase children’s preference for vegetables through the experience of helping to explore, prepare and taste featured vegetables.
Cooking Matters for Families is a 6-week cooking and nutrition series for children and families. The course covers basic cooking skills, nutrition, and meal planning for families.
Health and Wellness Fair: Saturday, March 9th 10am-1pm
The Winchester School, 85 Parker St. Winchester NH 03470 Free & Open to the Winchester Community! Join us to receive information from local vendors, a Blood Drive sponsored by the American Red Cross, raffles, and much more!