ACCESS Camp Opportunities

Check out all our fun day camps that we will be running this summer! Summer Camp Opportunities. If you wish to enroll in one of our camps this summer please fill out the below document and turn it into a ACCESS Staff member.

All the paper work you need to send you child to camp.

2014 ACCESS Summer Camp Packet

Note: You will not need to fill out any lunch or food service paper work.

Missing information or a form? No problem. Here are the individual parts of the “2014 ACCESS Summer Camp Packet.”

Camper Information Form

Summer Camp Opportunities

Camper Profile

Camper Health/Medical Form

Child Care Provider Verification

Camp Spofford Opportunity

For the week of June 30th to July 3rd we will be sending kids to Camp Spofford for day camp! If you are interested talk to the ACCESS Site Coordinator. Kids going to Camp Spofford will be picked up by a bus in front of the Winchester School at 7:30 and dropped off at 5:30.

Camp Spofford Website

For more info email or